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Specialized Programs

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Competitive Group

The competitive program has an intensive training syllabus designed to challenge dancers in order to reach their highest potential. To be a part of our competitive program one must audition and thereafter be invited by the artistic director to join the competitive program. This program was designed for serious and committed ballet students striving to continue their education in a professional dance environment.  Competitions allow dancers to showcase their talents in front of judges and spectators.


Master Classes

A Master Class is a specialized course taught by a highly skilled teacher. These classes provide dancers with the opportunity to devote time to improving their knowledge and technique in classical ballet training. We believe that bringing in outside choreographers and instructors is essential to a student's ability to expand their breadth of knowledge for a specific style of dance at Bayview School of Ballet Inc. Master instructors can provide students with new insights into their technique as well as exposure to potential opportunities outside of their home studio.

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Private Classes



Private ballet classes are highly effective in advancing your classical ballet technique. 


At Bayview School of Ballet, we prioritize providing the students with the most intense and attention-driven classes to achieve their highest goals.


The one-on-one teaching method is geared toward the student's potential.


Teacher's Training Program


This program is a specialized program exclusive to the Bayview School of Ballet students. It is offered to senior students who are given the opportunity to assist during all ballet classes for two years. 


Upon the completion of the two-year assisting program, the student has an opportunity to teach creative movement classes which can potentially lead to full-time employment.  Certification is provided to all graduates of the teacher's training program.

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Summer Program


The focus of our summer program is to maintain and further develop students' techniques before the start of fall classes. During the summer term, memory skills are improved, and future injuries are avoided by staying strong, active and fit. 


A. Beginner students are taught basic ballet movements necessary to further their ballet training.

B. The pre-professional group focuses on improving technique, strength, and flexibility as well as forming their own choreographic sense in a very supervised ballet summer intensive program. 


Whether you are just starting or have been a part of our studio for years, Bayview School of Ballet has a summer dance program that fits all of your needs!

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