Recreational Division

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Creative Movement 

This is a specialized program implemented for young children which focuses on the development of movement, artistic expression and basic ballet exercises. Students learn fundamental movement concepts such as; control, balance, coordination, flexibility, stamina, and agility while learning to respect one another's personal space. This class will help children create a solid foundation necessary for them to continue on their dance journey.

Classical Ballet

(Vaganova Syllabus)

“The syllabus is founded upon the idea that when a dancer is introduced to a step, he or she will have developed the correct strength in foundation in order for their steps and movements to be successful. It is understood that this strength-building requires time and consistent hard work.”

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In order to begin with Pointe, having experience in classical ballet is essential. You should first be able to do all the necessary exercises on demi-points before progressing to full pointe. Your teacher will advise you if you are capable of transitioning to pointe. We recommend completing the pre-pointe program before entering a company level.


Hard work and perseverance will help a dancer in developing strong feet and ankles which are needed for pointe.


If you are not quite ready, don't give up. Be patient with yourself; it takes time to advance in ballet. To avoid any injuries, it is better to make sure you are completely prepared.


The contemporary style of dance is an incredibly expressive form of dance.


Modern, jazz and classical ballet are just a few of the dance genres that are integrated into contemporary dance. Through fluid dance movements, contemporary dancers aim to synchronize the mind and the body while telling a physical story.

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This form of dance involves turns, kicks, and jumps.

It requires strength, flexibility, and conditioning.


In a Jazz lesson, the dancers learn a variety of modern dance moves which are quite entertaining and applicable to other styles of dancing.

Adult Ballet

Everyone is given the opportunity to learn ballet. If you don't succeed on your first attempt, don't stress or give up. In their first lesson, everyone in class begins with plies at the barre, whether they are Mikhail Baryshnikov or a beginner! We offer beginner, elementary, intermediate, advanced, and pointe classes to anyone willing and able.

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Character dance is integral to much of the classical ballet repertoire. It is the stylized representation of traditional folk or national dance, normally from European countries.


Bayview School Ballet uses character dance as an additional program integrated into the majority of all company classes. Character supports dancers in improving their knowledge of the history of folk dance while also increasing strength, coordination and mobility.