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Bayview School of Ballet is a world leader in professional ballet instruction, and a cultural institution for expressive art.

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The Bayview School of Ballet (BSB) was founded in 1982 by renowned teacher and choreographer, Bella Kovarsky. Modeled on the Russian Vaganova style, Kovarsky’s ballet school quickly gained national and international recognition, and has produced some of the greatest dancers in the world.

After the untimely death of Bella Kovarsky in 2000, Anna Kovarsky-Steingold continued to build on her mother's legacy. In the past decade, the school has flourished, with enrolment doubling in size. The BSB offers programs for children of all ages and levels, and it prepares senior students entering professional schools and companies. Classes are taught by a team of highly qualified instructors, accompanied by pianists. The students are thereby encouraged to acquire an appreciation for classical music.

The school’s annual gala show takes place in June. Students are given a wonderful opportunity to perform on stage, and parents have the chance to see their children’s progress. Kovarsky-Steingold is committed to honouring her mother's dream of making BSB a unique community of young dancers and dedicated instructors. Luminaries from professional dance companies around the world have praised the school for its contribution to dance education.

After thirty years of success, it was time to take the Bayview School of Ballet (BSB) to the next level of excellence. The vision for the remodeling of the school would not have been realized without the passion and expertise of a world-renowned designer, Vienna Bizri. Thanks to Bizri, the rebuilt school is comprised of a series of unique, visually stunning spaces. The gorgeously redesigned building embodies the true spirit of Bella Kovarsky and her wishes for the school.

On June 28th, 2012, Anna Kovarsky-Steingold hired a world-renowned interior designer, Vienna El Bezri, to create a state-of-the-art dance education facility to reflect the world-class quality of BSB’s programs. Vienna holds a B.A. in Interior Design & Advertising from the prestigious LAU (the Lebanese American University) in Lebanon, as well as a degree in Floral Design from (Judith Blacklock UK). El Bezri has had a lengthy career as a designer for international corporate events.

Vienna is to be commended for her unique vision and sensibility. She has redesigned the school using a combination of classical and modern elements to represent the past and its traditions, and the innovations of the present.  The renovation includes state-of-the-art dance studios complete with floor-to-ceiling mirrors, bars and specialty flooring. Upon entering the school, one is greeted by the elegance of an exquisite chandelier, designed to look as if it is suspended in the air above the reception area. The customized reception area features an accent wall with an inscribed message that embodies the school’s founding principles.

Adult Ballet Classes

Open to beginner ballet enthusiasts as well as more experienced dancers, this multilevel class focuses on learning proper technique, terminology and alignment. Students will learn barre exercises, progressions and centre combinations in a casual and encouraging atmosphere. A great class for strengthening the core, toning and stretching muscles and igniting your passion for dance!

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Vienna: “Work on this project was a pure pleasure for me. This project was based in large part on the stories that I heard about Bella. My understanding of her helped me visualize the redesign. It was an honour and a privilege to have been a part of recreating Bella’s unbelievable story.”

Anna Kovarsky: “It took many years to find the right person to make this project a reality. Words cannot express my faith in Vienna’s ability to lead the way and create the space I had envisioned.

Simply by knowing the history of the school and spirit that has guided it, Vienna was able to translate my feelings and hopes, and give them a reality in the form of the new structure and the interior spaces that she has created.”

On September 1st, 2012, Vienna Bizri and her team completed the construction project.  The BSB now enables all students striving to fulfill their highest potential to train in a professional environment. The newly renovated building adds a striking and modern architectural landmark to Toronto's burgeoning Willowdale neighborhood!

We welcome everyone to visit our new facility!

Kovarsky Scholarship

Bayview School of Ballet established a scholarship fund in the name of the late Bella Kovarsky to keep Russian Classical Ballet alive in our community. We wish to provide young dancers with financial assistance they may need in order to continue and explore their Classical Ballet education with us.

Bayview School of Ballet
Bayview School of Ballet Renovation

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